Service Coverage

Regions and Resources: Things to Know

Supported AWS and AWS GovCloud Regions

Fugue supports the following regions:

  • US East (N. Virginia) - us-east-1

  • US East (Ohio) - us-east-2

  • US West (N. California) - us-west-1

  • US West (Oregon) - us-west-2

  • Asia Pacific (Mumbai) - ap-south-1

  • Asia Pacific (Seoul) - ap-northeast-2

  • Asia Pacific (Singapore) - ap-southeast-1

  • Asia Pacific (Sydney) - ap-southeast-2

  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo) - ap-northeast-1

  • Canada (Central) - ca-central-1

  • EU (Frankfurt) - eu-central-1

  • EU (Ireland) - eu-west-1

  • EU (London) - eu-west-2

  • EU (Paris) - eu-west-3

  • EU (Milan) - eu-south-1 (beta)

  • EU (Stockholm) - eu-north-1

  • Middle East (Bahrain) - me-south-1 (beta)

  • South America (São Paulo) - sa-east-1

  • AWS GovCloud (US East) - us-gov-east-1

  • AWS GovCloud (US West) - us-gov-west-1

Changing AWS Region

Some AWS environments support region updates via the API. See the API User Guide for details.

Changing Resource Selection

For AWS, see the FAQ to learn how to change scanned or enforced resource types.

For Azure, see How To: Add or Remove Azure Resource Groups.

Resources Under Management

Fugue determines the number of resources under management (RUM) for customers based on the resource types managed within Fugue. The following resources are excluded when determining RUM:

  • Duplicate resources

  • AWS.IAM.Policy: AWS-managed IAM policies

  • AWS.ElastiCache.ParameterGroup: Default ElastiCache parameter groups

  • Azure.Authorization.RoleDefinition: Built-in Azure role definitions

Resource Types That Don’t Report Drift

By design, Fugue does not report drift for certain resource types, such as those that are dynamic, AWS-managed, or manually tagged with a fugue:transient tag:

  • AWS.EC2.ElasticIP

  • AWS.EC2.Instance if it is in an auto scaling group

  • AWS.EC2.NetworkInterface

  • AWS.EC2.SpotFleetRequest

  • AWS.EC2.Volume

  • AWS.ECS.Task

  • AWS.ElastiCache.ParameterGroup

  • AWS.ELBv2.ListenerRule

  • AWS.IAM.CredentialReport

  • AWS.IAM.Policy if it is owned and managed by AWS (see AWS docs)

  • AWS.Inspector.AssessmentTarget

  • AWS.Inspector.AssessmentTemplate

  • AWS.SSM.Association

  • AWS.SSM.Document

  • AWS.SSM.Parameter

  • Azure.ActiveDirectory.Application

  • Azure.ActiveDirectory.Group

  • Azure.ActiveDirectory.ServicePrincipal

  • Azure.ActiveDirectory.User

  • Any AWS or Azure resource with a fugue:transient tag