Getting Started

Get Started in 5 Minutes


For a more detailed guide, see Setup - AWS & AWS GovCloud or Setup - Azure & Azure Government.

Want to jump right into using Fugue? Follow the steps below to have an environment up and running in 5 minutes.

Sign up for Fugue

Register for a free account here. You’ll start with a 30-day free trial, after which you can purchase Enterprise or be transitioned to the free-forever Developer plan.

Step 1: Environment Setup

Enter your environment’s name and select the cloud service provider (AWS, Azure):


Step 2: Environment Settings

AWS and AWS GovCloud

Select the region(s) and resource types to scan, then create an IAM role and enter the role ARN:

_images/aws-setup-regions-resources.png _images/aws-setup-role-options.png

Azure and Azure Government

Connect to Azure:

  1. Create an Azure Active Directory application and service principal.

  2. Assign the service principal a Reader RBAC role.

  3. Generate a client secret.

  4. Enter tenant ID, subscription ID, application (client) ID, and client secret into the environment creation page.


5. Select resource groups to scan.


Step 3: Select Compliance Standards

Select the compliance libraries you want Fugue to use to assess your infrastructure (AWS, Azure):


Step 4: Review

AWS and AWS GovCloud

Review the following:

  • Environment name

  • Region(s)

  • AWS IAM role ARN

  • Compliance standards

  • Resource types to scan


Azure and Azure Government

Review the following:

  • Environment name

  • Credentials

    • Tenant ID

    • Subscription ID

    • Application (client) ID

    • Client secret

  • Compliance standards

  • Resource groups to scan


Further Reading