Account alternate contact should be configured


Ensure that at least one alternate contact is configured for your AWS account, so that in the event that AWS observes suspicious or prohibited behavior and the primary account contact cannot be reached, someone else is available. Ideally, email contact details should point to an alias that forwards to more than one individual.

Remediation Steps

AWS Console

  • Click on your account name at the top right corner of the console.

  • From the drop-down menu, click Account.

  • Scroll down to the Alternate Contacts section.

  • Enter appropriate contact information for at least one of Billing, Operations, or Security.


  • Run the following command to create an alternate contact (this example is for a Billing contact):

$ aws account put-alternate-contact \
    --alternate-contact-type=BILLING \ \
    --name="Billing Team" \
    --phone-number="+1(408)555-1234" \
    --title="Billing Team"