Monitor Activity Log Alert should exist for Delete Security Solution


Create an activity log alert for the Delete Security Solution event. Monitoring for Delete Security Solution events gives insight into changes to the active security solutions and may reduce the time it takes to detect suspicious activity.

Portal Remediation Steps

  • Navigate to Monitor > Alerts.

  • Select New alert rule.

  • Under Scope, click Select Resource.

  • Select your subscription and click Done.

  • Under Condition, click Select Condition.

  • In the search, enter the term “Delete Security Solutions” and select “Delete Security Solutions (Microsoft.Security/securitySolutions).”

  • Select Done.

  • Under Action group, click Select action group.

  • Select the desired action group to attach to the alert rule, or create one if needed, and click Select.

  • Enter an alert rule name and description.

  • Select a resource group.

  • Click Create alert rule.

CLI Remediation Steps

  • Create a Monitor Activity Log Alert for Delete Security Solutions, replacing <resource_group_name>, <subscription_id>, and <action_group> with your own values:

az monitor activity-log alert create --name deleteSecuritySolutions \
  --resource-group <resource_group_name> \
  --condition category="Security" and \
  operationName="Microsoft.Security/securitySolutions/delete" \
  --scope "/subscriptions/<subscription_id>" \
  --action-group <action_group>