Monitor log profile should have activity logs for global services and all regions


Configure the log profile to export activities from all Azure supported regions/locations including global. This rule is evaluated against all resource locations that Fugue has permission to scan.

Remediation Steps

Azure Portal

  • Note this rule applies to the legacy experience for Azure Activity log.

  • Navigate to Activity log.

  • Select Diagnostics setting.

  • Click Looking for the legacy experience? Click here to launch the ‘Export activity log’ blade.

  • From the Regions drop-down, check Select all.

  • Click Save.

Azure CLI

  • To enable activity logs for global services and all regions:

az monitor log-profiles update --name default


  • Ensure that an azurerm_monitor_log_profile contains the following:

    • locations = [<list of every Azure region storing resources and “global”>]

Example Configuration

resource "azurerm_monitor_log_profile" "example" {
  name = "default"

  locations = [
      # All regions containing Azure resources
  # other required fields here