Fugue can check the cloud resources in your environment for compliance with one or more compliance standards you select:

You may select none of the compliance families or all of them.

Your overall compliance state for all environments is shown on the All Environments page shown when you log in:


Overall compliance state for a given environment is displayed on that environment’s page:


Detailed compliance state for an environment is displayed on the environment Compliance pages:


You can access the Compliance pages by selecting the “Compliance” tab in the header near the top of the page. There are three Compliance pages providing different views of your compliance state (see Browsing the Data).


Fugue can email you a daily or weekly compliance report. See Compliance Report Email for details.

Compliance State Details

After Fugue completes a scan, you can review your resource compliance state through a number of filters. The main elements include:

  • Scanned resources: the total number of resources that were scanned

  • Compliant resources: the total number of resources that are compliant based on the standards you’ve selected

  • Noncompliant resources: the number of resources that are noncompliant based on the standards you’ve selected

Individual breakdowns for compliant vs. noncompliant resources are displayed below the summary, indicating the number of resources that are noncompliant for each standard you applied to the scan.

Browsing the Data

Data displayed as part of the compliance view can be viewed on a number of tabbed displays and sorted with categorical filtering.

There are three Compliance pages, accessible through tabs on the Compliance page:

  • Compliance by Rule

  • Compliance by Resource Type

  • Compliance by Resource


Filtering is available based on the tab selected and varies along with the way the data is organized and displayed.

Further Reading

To learn how to receive daily or weekly emails containing a summary of your compliance state, see Compliance Report Email.


While Fugue can be viewed as an essential component for maintaining your infrastructure compliance, we cannot provide an explicit guarantee or official certification for any compliance standard(s) or benchmark included in the product. We recommend working with an approved auditor to obtain any official compliance certifications.