Open Source Projects

The Fugue team has open-sourced several tools that can be used with or without Fugue.



Fregot and Regula can be implemented together! Use Fregot to help write Rego policies that can check Terraform and CloudFormation pre-deployment using Regula.

Regula is a tool that evaluates infrastructure as code for potential AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes security vulnerabilities and compliance violations prior to deployment. You can use it locally and in CI/CD.

Fugue now supports repository environments that integrate with Regula to show security and compliance results with the Fugue UI, API, and CLI.

For a demonstration of incorporating Regula (and Fugue) into a CI/CD pipeline, see part 2 of our Fugue CI/CD example. The example shows you how to programmatically check Terraform configuration for compliance pre-deployment.

You can also find a walkthrough for using Regula in CI/CD with GitHub Actions here.


Fregot is a set of tools for working with the Rego policy language, which is part of the Open Policy Agent (OPA) policy engine. Fregot allows you to easily evaluate expressions, debug code, test policies, and more.

(It’s also a handy tool for working on custom rules! For instructions, see Testing Custom Rules with Fregot.)


credstash is a very simple, easy to use credential management and distribution system that uses AWS Key Management Service (KMS) for key wrapping and master-key storage, and DynamoDB for credential storage and sharing.

For more information about credstash, see our blog post Using AWS KMS to manage secrets in your infrastructure.


s3fc is a tool that takes sets of uncompressed text files in the same Amazon S3 bucket prefix and concatenates them into larger files as per job configuration. The initial use case for this application is to prepare a data set of many (millions+) small files of immutable data for batch processing or incremental processing. It is built on top of serverless platforms offered by AWS, Lambda and Step Functions.

You can see a presentation and demo of s3fc here.