Using Fugue


This portion of the User Guide details how to use Fugue. Here, you’ll find instructions on upgrading or removing Fugue, how Fugue handles logging, tips and tricks for using Fugue, and a troubleshooting guide.

Installing Fugue

See the Quick Setup to get started quickly, or review the Hello World, Part 1: Fugue Quick Setup walkthrough for beginners.

For further documentation of CLI commands, see:

For a hands-on demonstration of setting up Fugue using our recommended best practices (i.e. keeping the Conductor in a separate account) check out the Using the Multi-Account Feature example from our Fugue by Example section.

Building Compositions

See the Advanced Ludwig to learn how to write Ludwig, or peruse the Standard Library Reference for documentation about every Ludwig module that ships with Fugue.

Using the Fugue CLI

See the CLI Reference for more commands.