Fugue Features

The paid version of Fugue includes everything Free Fugue offers, but supports more AWS accounts for the multi-account feature and more users for the RBAC feature.

Included features:

/Note:/ If you exceed the number of accounts for your Conductor you will receive the following:

[ ERROR ] Maximum account limit reached. Please visit https://download.fugue.co for information about upgrading your conductor.

The default Conductor instance size is m4.large and supports up to 5 AWS accounts* and 200 simultaneous FIDs. If these numbers are exceeded, the CLI displays a message with instructions for upgrading the Conductor instance size to m4.4xlarge. The larger instance supports up to 15 AWS accounts (2 for Free Fugue) and 1,000 FIDs. For customers using the paid version of Fugue, each Conductor can support up to 15 AWS accounts, and there are no restrictions on the number of Conductors that may be used.

  Free Fugue Fugue (paid version)
Small instance (m4.large) 2 accounts / 200 FIDs 5 accounts* / 200 FIDs
Large instance (m4.4xlarge) 2 accounts / 1,000 FIDs 15 accounts / 1,000 FIDs

*The paid version of Fugue starts at 3 AWS accounts but more may be purchased (e.g. up to 5 on the m4.large instance and 15 on the m4.4xlarge instance). Reach out to support@fugue.co for details on your upgrade options.

AWS typically charges more for larger instances. See the FAQ for details on how Fugue affects your AWS bill.