Note: Details about the collection of additional metrics will be added here when applicable.

Fugue Composer

As part of Composer, Fugue is tracking some metrics related to application usage. The purpose of these metrics is exclusively to help us understand how Composer is being used, and what we can do to improve this tool. Users can opt out of sending metrics at any time by unchecking the “Help Us Improve Composer” checkbox on the Composer welcome screen. All users are anonymous and any data we collect will never be shared externally.

A typical example of the data we collect for every user event includes:

  • Application details including the name and version of the Fugue products (e.g. Fugue Client Tools, Composer, 0.43.1)
  • Operating System details (e.g. name and version)

Here’s a sample:

    "app": {
      "dependencies": [
          "name": "Fugue Client Tools",
          "version": "0.43.1"
      "name": "Composer",
      "version": "0.5.10"
    "os": {
      "name": "darwin",
      "version": "16.7.0"

Each user event will also collect some descriptive data about the event, including:

  • an anonymous userId: to identify unique users
  • event details: a brief description of the event
  • action and type information for the event (e.g. clicking, saving, etc..)

Here’s a sample:

  userId: 'bb5507d0-bea6-11e7-9a02-c3565a806987',
  event: 'Inspector Panel Clicked',
  properties: {
    action: 'click',
    type: 'inspector-panel-item'

As usual, if you have questions, reach out