Getting Started (Platform 2.0 Beta)


Welcome to the Platform 2.0 beta documentation! Fugue is pleased to announce initial beta support for Microsoft Azure on Fugue Platform, enabling infrastructure-as-code provisioning and self-healing with autonomous remediation and enforcement for customers using Azure cloud services. Fugue Platform 2.0 will include support for both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services environments with a 2.0 GA launch in 2019.

This is best place to start if you’re just learning about the Platform 2.0 beta release. The page covers the basics including a feature overview and information on what you will need to get started.


The Fugue Platform 2.0 beta includes the following features:

  • Infrastructure-as-code with Fugue’s domain-specific language, Ludwig, to enable type safety and error checking on compiled code. Read more about Ludwig here.
  • Process management for managing groups of resources and distinct workloads within an account, as defined in a Ludwig composition.
  • Drift detection and automated remediation allows enforcement to prevent configuration drift from occurring.
  • Notifications allow you to alert users when configuration drift occurs, and when Fugue Platform executes enforcement actions.

What do I need to get started?

To get started you’ll need to download the Platform 2.0 beta package. The initial beta release is being provided to a handful of design partners but if you’re an interested customer reach out to for details on participating in the beta.

Otherwise you’ll need to be running one of our supported operating systems, an AWS GovCloud account with the AWS CLI, and an Azure Government account with the Azure CLI. Check out some additional details in the FAQ.

What’s Next?

Head over to Setup and Configuration on information about how to install Platform 2.0 beta, or check out the CLI Guide to review the commands associated with this release.