fugue2 uninstall


fugue2 uninstall [flags]


Global options are detailed here.

-f | --force
Force uninstall.
-h | --help
Show help text for uninstall.
-y | --yes
Suppress confirmation dialogs.


The uninstall command removes the Fugue Conductor from the user’s AWS and Azure environments.

Note that during fugue2 uninstall the service principal that is created during fugue2 install is left on Azure. This is due to a limitation with Microsoft Active Directory where too many creates/deletes will result in an account being unusable. During subsequent fugue2 install operations, Fugue will reuse the existing service principal and not create a new one.


uninstall does not remove the Fugue Platform 2.0 Beta CLI. See Setup & Configuration for details on uninstalling the CLI.


uninstall behavior varies slightly between the Fugue Platform CLI and Fugue Platform 2.0 Beta CLI:

  • The Fugue Platform 2.0 Beta CLI allows you to uninstall while processes are running. In contrast, the Fugue Platform CLI only allows this when the -f or --force flag is set. Note that the preferred way to uninstall without killing processes is to fugue2 release each process first and then uninstall.


To remove Fugue Platform from your cloud environment, run:

fugue2 uninstall

Fugue will ask you to confirm your account access for both AWS and Azure.

% fugue2 uninstall
[ fugue uninstall ] Uninstalling Fugue Platform

[ fugue ] Checking for AWS access ...
    "Account": "123456789876",
    "Arn": "arn:aws-us-gov:iam::1234567897:user/mainuser"
[ fugue ] Checking for Azure access ...
  "environmentName": "AzureUSGovernment",
  "id": "2fd15d4a-9343-4d4b-test-Sample123456",
  "isDefault": true,
  "name": "Main User",
  "state": "Enabled",
  "tenantId": "2fcac661-7c30-47c5-test-Sample123456",
  "user": {
    "name": "mainuser@sampleemail.com",
    "type": "user"
Are these AWS (region us-gov-west-1) and Azure credentials correct? [y/N]

As the CLI begins uninstalling the Conductor and deleting its infrastructure, you’ll see output like this:

delete: s3://fugue-platform-us-gov-west-1-123456789012/deploy-artifacts/04e2024d3ab04cda21ca9b30a2853d67
delete: s3://fugue-platform-us-gov-west-1-123456789012/deploy-artifacts/10be64eb218141a47a3b895f71c91da0
delete: s3://fugue-platform-us-gov-west-1-123456789012/deploy-artifacts/10a859b92022e39c5e39d5ce3818b237
delete: s3://fugue-platform-us-gov-west-1-123456789012/deploy-artifacts/0954455072a480f0aaa61ed3a1b883bf
delete: s3://fugue-platform-us-gov-west-1-123456789012/deploy-artifacts/1840a440c774a965cfe6da6590ed001e
delete: s3://fugue-platform-us-gov-west-1-123456789012/deploy-artifacts/15fd0ba3db96a447934bf2acdf9044c3.template
delete: s3://fugue-platform-us-gov-west-1-123456789012/deploy-artifacts/32884d1ee4c6c42ffade089f6ac01a62

When uninstallation has completed, the CLI returns control of the command line.