fugue2 support


The support command enables self-service support. support has two subcommands: report and reset-secret. These commands allow you to gather diagnostic data and send it to Fugue, and to reset a user secret on the Conductor, respectively.


fugue2 support [command]


Gather diagnostic data and send to Fugue.
Reset a user secret on the Conductor.


Global options are detailed here.

-h | --help
Show help text for support.

Support Subcommands



report downloads Conductor component logs from AWS and Azure and packages them in a ZIP file, then optionally uploads it to a S3 bucket belonging to Fugue, Inc.


fugue2 support report [flags]


-h | --help
Show help text for report.
--since string
Download all logs since this start time. (Default: "3 days ago")
-u | --upload
Automatically upload log ZIP to Fugue Support.
-y | --yes
Suppress confirmation dialogs.



reset-secret resets a user secret on the Conductor.

Note: Currently, only the root user is supported.


fugue2 support reset-secret [flags]


-h | --help
Show help text for reset-secret.
-y | --yes
Suppress confirmation dialogs.


Generating a support report

To generate a support report and optionally upload it directly to Fugue, execute fugue2 support report. For example, the following command downloads all logs from the previous 30 minutes:

fugue2 support report --since "30 minutes ago"

The CLI prompts you to confirm your provider credentials before gathering logs:

[ fugue ] Checking for AWS access ...
    "Account": "123456789012",
    "Arn": "arn:aws-us-gov:iam::123456789012:user/docs-team"
[ fugue ] Checking for Azure access ...
  "environmentName": "AzureUSGovernment",
  "id": "bf980d0c-5671-4b82-b969-000000000000",
  "isDefault": true,
  "name": "Ludwig van Beethoven",
  "state": "Enabled",
  "tenantId": "2fcac661-7c30-47c5-9161-000000000000",
  "user": {
    "name": "username@email.com",
    "type": "user"
Are these AWS (region us-gov-east-1) and Azure credentials correct? [y/N] y

Upon confirmation, the CLI downloads Conductor component logs from AWS and Azure:

Retrieving CloudWatch logs
CloudWatch logs downloaded successfully

Retrieving Azure logs
Azure logs downloaded successfully

Retrieving Platform logs
Platform logs downloaded successfully

Retrieving Step Function history
Step Function history downloaded successfully

Next, the CLI packages the fuguecli.log file with the cloud provider logs, saving the package in the current working directory as fugue_platform_report-<date>.zip. The CLI then asks whether you’d like to upload the report to Fugue’s S3 bucket:

Copying CLI logs

Packaging report
Diagnostics package written to: /Users/main-user/fugue_platform_report-2018-12-19-08-50-20.zip

Would you like to upload this report to Fugue? [y/N]

If you enter y, the CLI uploads the package and prints a message upon success:

Uploading report to Fugue Support as: 123456789012/fugue_platform_report-2018-12-19-08-50-20.zip
Report successfully uploaded

Resetting a user secret

To reset your root user secret in the fugue2-credentials.yaml file, execute the fugue2 support reset-secret command:

fugue2 support reset-secret

Fugue asks you to verify your AWS credentials and generates a new set of credentials on the Conductor and overwrites the local fugue2-credentials.yaml file:

[ fugue ] Checking for AWS access ...
    "Account": "123456789876",
    "Arn": "arn:aws-us-gov:iam::123456789876:user/mainuser"
Are these AWS credentials correct for us-gov-west-1? [y/N] y
[ fugue support ] Resetting secret ...

[ fugue support ] Reset secret complete

You can then view your updated root credentials in the appropriate fugue2-credentials.yaml folder for your operating system:

macOS and Linux