fugue2 resume


fugue2 resume <ALIAS or FID> [flags]


Alias or FID of the process to resume


Global options are detailed here.

Resume a composition in dry-run mode.
-h | --help
Show help text for resume.
-y | --yes
Suppress confirmation dialogs.


The resume command resumes automated enforcement and maintenance of a suspended process, changing its state from suspended to alive. Fugue begins actively managing its resources again.


Resuming a suspended process

To reenable Fugue to carry out work on a process, execute resume:

fugue2 resume myProcess

The Fugue CLI asks you to confirm that you want to suspend the specified process:

[ fugue resume ] Resuming process myProcess.

[ WARN ] Are you sure you want to resume process myProcess? [y/N] y

Upon confirmation, the CLI sends a request to the Conductor asking it to resume the process. When the request is accepted, the CLI displays a success message and updated status details:

Requesting the Conductor to resume process myProcess ...

[ DONE ] Process myProcess resumed.

  "alias": "myProcess",
  "api_version": 1,
  "created": "2018-12-18T05:34:24.000Z",
  "current_operation": "nothing",
  "enforcement": true,
  "fid": "c8161b95-d738-4a5c-815a-19ea95172899",
  "job_status": "succeeded",
  "last_error": {},
  "locked": false,
  "next_operation": "nothing",
  "notifications": {
    "drift": "on",
    "enforcement": "on"
  "principal": "root",
  "process_status": "alive",
  "provider": "azure",
  "scheduled": "2018-12-18T07:08:56.000Z",
  "updated": "2018-12-18T07:26:17.836Z",
  "user": "root"