fugue2 help


fugue2 help [command] [flags]


Global options are detailed here.

-h | --help
Show help text for help.


The help command provides help for any command in the application, including itself. Simply type fugue2 help [command] for full details.

Note that this is the same as executing fugue2 [command] --help.


Using the help command

To use the help command, execute fugue2 help [command]. For example, you can view information about the run command like this:

fugue2 help run

You’ll see output like this:

Create a Fugue process by running a <COMPOSITION.lw>.

  fugue2 run <COMPOSITION.lw> [flags]

  -a, --alias string   Associate a name with a Fugue process.
      --dry-run        Run a composition in 'dry run' mode
  -h, --help           help for run
  -y, --yes            Suppress confirmation dialogs.

Global Flags:
      --api-url string     The Fugue API URL, also via env FUGUE_API_URL.
      --json               Get output as json, also via env FUGUE_JSON.
      --log-file string    Set config file path, also via env FUGUE_LOG_FILE. (default "./platform.log")
      --log-level string   Set config file log level, also via env FUGUE_LOG_LEVEL. (default "DEBUG")
      -r, --aws-region string   Specify the region, also via env FUGUE_AWS_REGION.
      --secret string      The Fugue user secret, also via env FUGUE_USER.
      --user string        The Fugue user name, also via env FUGUE_USER. (default "root")