CLI Reference (Platform 2.0 Beta)


What’s in This Guide?

The CLI Reference Guide contains at-a-glance information about using the Fugue Platform 2.0 Beta CLI, fugue2, including description, options, usage, and examples for each CLI command.

What’s the Fugue Platform 2.0 Beta CLI?

Fugue Platform 2.0 Beta has two components:

  • The Fugue CLI, which runs locally on your machine
  • The Fugue Conductor, which runs remotely in AWS and Azure

As the front end of the system, the CLI is where you enter commands. The Conductor is the back end, or what handles the commands. You use the CLI to tell the Conductor what to do, such as creating, modifying, or destroying infrastructure.


Help about any command.
Install the Fugue Conductor in AWS and Azure.
Kill a Fugue process.
Release a process from Fugue management.
Resume a suspended Fugue process.
Create a Fugue process by running a composition.
Check the status of Fugue processes.
Access Fugue support tools.
Suspend a Fugue process.
Uninstall the Fugue Platform.
Update a Fugue process with a composition.


fugue2 [command]

Options Without Commands

The fugue2 executable accepts the following options without a command:


Display the version of the Fugue Platform 2.0 CLI

Example output:

fugue2 version 0.0.0-3904d395
-h | --help
Show help text.

Global Options Preceding Commands

The fugue2 executable accepts the following options preceding any command:

--api-url string
The Fugue API URL, also via environment variable FUGUE_API_URL.
-r | --aws-region string
Specify the region, also via environment variable FUGUE_AWS_REGION.
Get output as JSON, also via environment variable FUGUE_JSON.
--log-file string
Set config file path, also via environment variable FUGUE_LOG_FILE. (Default ~/.fugue/log/platform.log)
--log-level string
Set config file log level, also via environment variable FUGUE_LOG_LEVEL. (Default DEBUG)
--secret string
The Fugue user secret, also via environment variable FUGUE_SECRET.
--user string
The Fugue user name, also via environment variable FUGUE_USER. (Default root)