Fugue Manual

Welcome to Fugue!

CLI Command Man Pages

To access the man page for any Fugue CLI command, type man fugue-<command>.

To access the man page for any Vars command, type man vars-<command>.

User Guide Man Pages

For information on configuring Fugue, type man fugue-configure.

For details about using Fugue, type man fugue-use.

For examples and tutorials, type man fugue-learn.

To learn about Fugue’s internals, type man fugue-internals.

To see the Fugue FAQ, type man fugue-faq.

Fugue Standard Library Man Pages

You can access the Fugue Standard Library man page for a particular module by typing man <module>. For example, man Fugue.AWS.EC2.Vpc displays documentation for the Fugue.AWS.EC2.Vpc module.

Fugue Docs Site

The Fugue Docs site contains the most up-to-date version of Fugue’s documentation. Visit the docs site at http://docs.fugue.co.