Fugue Platform Docs Release Notes

To browse the full product release notes head over to the Customer Portal. To see details on our latest changes for our latest release 1.8, check out What’s New?.

1.7 Release

Note: This release marks a change in our release naming/numbering scheme as we transition from dates to versioning.

2018.07.25 Release

  • Added documentation for the new fugue runtime command. The runtime command enables users to make changes to Conductor log levels and how often the Conductor makes certain API calls. Read more about it here.
  • Updated the Product Setup Options page with default values.
  • Clarified details around usage for fugue user set.
  • Updated docs with information on Fugue support for subscriber-based activity notifications in JSON with AWS SNS topics.

2018.06.15 Release

2018.03.23 Release

  • Added a great two-part advanced RBAC example. It provides a combination of process-level RBAC, account-level RBAC, and works with RBAC metadata and IAM policy.
  • Transcriber documentation has been updated to span two separate pages. An overview page, and an examples page (with a new example on advanced filtering).
  • Using fugue.yaml for install is now optional. There are updates throughout the docs but we have created an entirely new section detailing both installation options, called Project Setup Options.
  • There’s a new Fugue Cheat Sheet for viewing or download with high-level detail on Fugue.
  • Created specialized instructions for installation for our AWS Marketplace users, here.
  • The Fugue Standard Library includes numerous updates, including service coverage for Aurora. Refer to the release notes for complete details.

If you have question or concerns, as always reach out to us via support@fugue.co.