fugue [global options] uninstall [options]


Global options are detailed here.

-y | --yes
Suppress confirmation dialogs. The yes flag suppresses confirmation dialogs and bypasses interactive prompts by providing input to aid scripting.
Force uninstall regardless of Conductor state
-h | --help
Show help text. The help flag is available throughout the CLI in both an application-level and command-level context. It enables a user to view help text for any command within the Fugue CLI.


The uninstall command uninstalls the Fugue Conductor. Running the uninstall command only removes infrastructure that was created by a Fugue install. (Some Fugue resources will not be removed.) It does not affect any resources created by a Fugue composition or through other means.

When run, fugue uninstall asks the user to confirm the uninstall from the target AWS Account (e.g. user/xxxxxxxxxxxx). When the user enters y, the CLI begins the process.


If you use the =–force= option with the =uninstall= command while processes are active/running you will receive a warning that any existing processes and infrastructure will be orphaned and will no longer be managed by Fugue. Use caution with this option and as usual, contact support@fugue.co with any issues.

Uninstalling the Fugue Conductor from AWS account user/xxxxxxxxxxxx ...

FugueInternetRoute                   Deleted
FugueVpcSecurityGroup                Deleted
FugueLaunchConfiguration             Deleted
FugueRouteTable                      Deleted
FugueHealthCheckDb                   Deleted
FugueSubnet1RouteTableAssociation    Deleted
FugueVpcGatewayAttachment            Deleted
FugueSubnet2RouteTableAssociation    Deleted
FugueSubnet2                         Deleted
FugueSubnet1                         Deleted
FugueInstanceProfile                 Deleted
FugueResourceEventsTopic             Deleted
FugueVpcGateway                      Deleted
FugueVpc                             Deleting..
FugueIam                             Deleted
FugueAutoScalingGroup                Deleted
Overall Progress     [#######################]  94%

When uninstall is complete, the CLI confirms that Fugue is removed from your account successfully.

[ DONE ] The Fugue Conductor has completed its uninstall process. It may take up to 15 minutes for all resources to be removed by AWS.

Note: The uninstall command refers specifically to the process of uninstalling the Fugue Conductor. To review information about uninstalling the complete Fugue package refer to User Guide chapter on Removing Fugue.


When the Conductor is uninstalled, the RBAC policy is removed along with all users and their credentials. If you reinstall the Conductor with install, you’ll need to apply the policy again with policy rbac-attach, and root will have a new user secret.