fugue [global options] release [options] (<alias> | <FID>)


<alias> | <FID>
FID or alias of the process to release


Global options are detailed here.

Emit output as JSON. The JSON flag displays command output in JSON format, which is useful for automation.
-y | --yes
Suppress confirmation dialogs. The yes flag suppresses confirmation dialogs and bypasses interactive prompts by providing input to aid scripting.
-h | --help
Show help text. The help flag is available throughout the CLI in both an application-level and command-level context. It enables a user to view help text for any command within the Fugue CLI.


The release command stops automatic enforcement and maintenance of a running process. When a process is stopped using release Fugue ceases to actively manage the process’s associated resources.

Note: Using release ceases management of the target process but does NOT remove the associated infrastructure. This means that the infrastructure remains in place and will have to be managed outside of Fugue. To stop a process AND remove the associated infrastructure you must use kill.


Using Release For a Fugue Process With Multi-account

Fugue does not allow you to remove an account that still has running processes. In some scenarios you may want to remove an account that is attached to a running process without removing the associated infrastructure. In this situation you can use the fugue release command to release the process, leave the infrastructure intact, and then issue fugue account remove to remove the account.

In this example we’re using fugue run to launch the HelloWorld.lw composition with a secondary account.

$ fugue run HelloWorld.lw --account testuser-1485186878915
[ fugue run ] Running HelloWorld.lw

Run Details:
    Account: testuser-1485186878915
    Alias: n/a

Compiling Ludwig file /Users/main-user/test-fugue/HelloWorld.lw
[ OK ] Successfully compiled. No errors.

Uploading compiled Ludwig composition to S3...
[ OK ] Successfully uploaded.

Requesting the Conductor to create and run process based on composition ...
[ DONE ] Process created and running.

State    Updated    Created    Account                 FID                                   Alias    Flags   Last Message    Next Command
-------  ---------  ---------  ----------------------  ------------------------------------  -------  ------  --------------  --------------
Running  10:57am    10:57am    testuser-1485186878915  3fbb7c8b-05f0-4b71-9653-8e8a7d60e9d0           -e      SUCCEEDED

[ HELP ] Run the "fugue status" command to view details and status for all Fugue processes.

We issue the fugue status command to confirm our process is up and running.

$ fugue status

Fugue Status Report for main-user/935999091745 - Mon Jan 23 2017 10:58am

State    Updated    Created    Account                 FID/Alias                              Flags   Last Message
-------  ---------  ---------  ----------------------  ------------------------------------   ------  --------------
Running  10:57am    10:57am    testuser                3fbb7c8b-05f0-4b71-9653-8e8a7d60e9d0   -e      SUCCEEDED

If we attempt to remove the account associated with this running process, we are unable and will receive an error.

$ fugue account remove testuser
[ fugue account ] Removing account "testuser"

[ WARN ] Are you sure you want to remove "testuser" ? [y/N]: y

Removing account...
[ ERROR ] Could not remove account.
  Reason: 400, CannotDeleteAccountsWithProcesses: Bad Request

By using the fugue release command we’re able to release the running process and subsequently remove the testuser account.

$ fugue release 3fbb7c8b-05f0-4b71-9653-8e8a7d60e9d0
[ fugue release ] Releasing process with FID: 3fbb7c8b-05f0-4b71-9653-8e8a7d60e9d0

[ WARN ] Are you sure you want to release the process with FID: 3fbb7c8b-05f0-4b71-9653-8e8a7d60e9d0? [y/N]: y

Requesting the Conductor to release FID: 3fbb7c8b-05f0-4b71-9653-8e8a7d60e9d0 ...
[ DONE ] The Conductor is releasing the process with FID: 3fbb7c8b-05f0-4b71-9653-8e8a7d60e9d0.

We run a quick fugue status to confirm the process has been released.

$ fugue status

Fugue Status Report for mainuser/935999091745 - Mon Jan 23 2017 11:00am

State    Updated    Created    Account    FID/Alias    Flags    Last Message    Next Command
-------  ---------  ---------  ---------  -----------  -------  --------------  --------------
Nothing to see here. Go create something! :-)

At this point we are able to remove the account since it is no longer associated with a running process.

$ fugue account remove testuser
[ fugue account ] Removing account "testuser"

[ WARN ] Are you sure you want to remove "testuser" ? [y/N]: y

Removing account...
[ DONE ] Account "testuser" successfully removed.