fugue [global options] ops [option] [<alias> | <FID>] [job_id]


[<alias> | <FID>]
FID or alias of the process whose status is being checked


Global options are detailed here.

-s | --start start_time>
Start Time, ex: -s “01/31/2017 15:33”.
-e | --end end_time>
End Time, ex: -e “01/31/2017 15:33”.
Filter for the first batch of operations performed.
Filter for the last batch of operations performed.
Display a detailed view of operations run for a process.
Emit output as JSON. The JSON flag displays command output in JSON format, which is useful for automation.
-h | --help
Show help text. The help flag is available throughout the CLI in both an application-level and command-level context. It enables a user to view help text for any command within the Fugue CLI.


When Fugue is running a process, work is broken up into cloud “operations” that are grouped by “job”.

The fugue ops command displays fine-grained job status information for the Fugue process matching the specified <fid> or <alias>.

Review our Terminology here.


Checking the Details of a Process with ops

To get the specific details for a specific process, enter the ops command with the FID or alias as an argument. The Fugue CLI returns the status.

$ fugue ops [<alias> | <FID>]

Example usage with FID:

$ fugue ops fb80c8ff-49ef-1234-abcd-1234abcdef98765

Example usage with alias:

$ fugue ops example-network

Example Output (edited to condense the sample):

Note: Output displays with the latest operation at the top.

$ fugue ops fb80c8ff-49ef-1234-abcd-1234abcdef98765

Job Id      Instruction                               Started    Last Updated    Status
----------  ----------------------------------------  ---------  --------------  --------
1520364902  aws.ec2.replace_network_acl_association   2:35pm     2:35pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.create_tags                       2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.create_route                      2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.authorize_security_group_ingress  2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.authorize_security_group_egress   2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.revoke_security_group_egress      2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.modify_subnet_attribute           2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.associate_route_table             2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.modify_vpc_attribute              2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.create_subnet                     2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.create_security_group             2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.create_route_table                2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.attach_internet_gateway           2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.associate_dhcp_options            2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.create_vpc                        2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.create_internet_gateway           2:34pm     2:34pm          Success
1520364871  aws.ec2.create_dhcp_options               2:34pm     2:34pm          Success

To see the job details in --verbose format use the following:

Note: We’ve included the --last flag to limit the output to the last batch of operations that were performed, and edited to provide a sample below.

$ fugue ops example-network --verbose --last

job_id: 1520364902
    - operation: aws.ec2.replace_network_acl_association
      fid: 295ecd46-5f9f-477c-8fbe-02a75f2080bc
      resource_name: 295ecd46-5f9f-477c-8fbe-02a75f2080bc.139536b3-8a28-55cb-914b-1ebefee64a51.default_acl
      http_code: 200
      status: Success
      running: False
      started: 1520364904
      last_updated: 1520364918
      code: Success
      attempts: 4
      job_id: 1520364902

    - operation: aws.ec2.replace_network_acl_association
      fid: 295ecd46-5f9f-477c-8fbe-02a75f2080bc
      resource_name: 295ecd46-5f9f-477c-8fbe-02a75f2080bc.bc52846c-2d5d-52c7-af51-a3774d1ad043.default_acl
      http_code: 200
      status: Success
      running: False
      started: 1520364919
      last_updated: 1520364919
      code: Success
      attempts: 1
      job_id: 1520364902