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The supplied generator will determine the generated output characters. When using the default generator (which uses the process FID as a seed) this results in stable String generation from within a process but will generate different Strings upon process creation (since a new FID will be assigned to the process).


n: randomString{length: 10}
m: randomString{allowedCharacters:"abc123", generator: Optional(seedInt(42)), length: 10}

Type Signature

 fun { length: Int,
       allowedCharacters: Optional<String>,
       generator: Optional<RandomGen> } -> String
Argument: length

The length of the result string.

Type: Int

Argument: allowedCharacters

The characters that are allowed in the result string. Defaults to [a-z][0-9].

Type: Optional<String>

Argument: generator

The random number generator. Defaults to seedString(fid).

Type: Optional<RandomGen>


The pseudorandom string of the given length.

Type: String