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Queue constructor.

Call this constructor to create a new Fugue.AWS.SQS.Queue value.

Example usage:

import Fugue.AWS.SQS as SQS
import Fugue.AWS.Region as Region

deadLetter: SQS.Queue.new {
  name: "dead-letter",
  region: Region.Us-east-1,

queue: SQS.Queue.new {
  name: "myQueue",
  region: Region.Us-east-1,
  redrivePolicy: {
    maxReceiveNumber: 5,
    deadLetterTarget: deadLetter,

Type Signature

 fun { name: String,
       region: Region,
       delaySeconds: Optional<Int>,
       maximumMessageSize: Optional<Int>,
       messageRetentionPeriod: Optional<Int>,
       policy: Optional<String>,
       receiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds: Optional<Int>,
       redrivePolicy: Optional<RedrivePolicy>,
       visibilityTimeout: Optional<Int> } -> Queue
Argument: name

The name of the queue.

Type: String

Argument: region

The region to create the queue in.

Type: Region

Argument: delaySeconds

The number of seconds to delay delivery of messages in the queue. Must be between 0 and 900. Defaults to 0.

Type: Optional<Int>

Argument: maximumMessageSize

The maximum message size in bytes. Must be between 1024 and 262144. Defaults to 262144 (256 KiB).

Type: Optional<Int>

Argument: messageRetentionPeriod

The number of seconds the message is retained in the queue. Must be between 60 and 1209600. Defaults to 345600 (four days).

Type: Optional<Int>

Argument: policy

The queue’s policy.

Type: Optional<String>

Argument: receiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds

The number of seconds that a ReceiveMessage call waits for a message to arrive. Must be between 0 and 20. Defaults to 0.

Type: Optional<Int>

Argument: redrivePolicy

The RedrivePolicy to apply to the queue.

Type: Optional<RedrivePolicy>

Argument: visibilityTimeout

The visibility timeout for the queue in seconds. Must be between 0 and 43200. Defaults to 30.

Type: Optional<Int>


A queue.

Type: Queue



type RedrivePolicy:
  maxReceiveNumber: Int
  deadLetterTarget: Queue

A dead letter policy for a queue.

Record {

Field: maxReceiveNumber

The number of times a message can be received before being forwarded to the deadLetterTarget. Must be between 0 and 1000.

Type: Int

Field: deadLetterTarget

The queue to deliver messages that cannot be processed to.

Type: Queue