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Create a reference to an externally managed Subscription.

Example usage:

subscription: SNS.Subscription.external("arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:123456789012:example-subscription")

Type Signature

 fun (String) -> Subscription
Argument: arn

The ARN of an existing subscription.

Type: String


A reference to the specified Subscription.

Type: Subscription



Subscription Constructor

Call this constructor to create a new Fugue.AWS.SNS.Subscription value.

Example Usage:

subscription: SNS.Subscription.new {
  endpoint: SNS.Sqs(sqs-queue),
  topic: SNS.Topic(sns-topic)

Type Signature

 fun { endpoint: EndpointType,
       topic: Topic,
       subscriptionAttributes: Optional<List<SubscriptionAttributesType>> } -> Subscription
Argument: endpoint

The endpoint to subscribe to the topic

Type: EndpointType

Argument: topic

The topic to which to subscribe

Type: Topic

Argument: subscriptionAttributes

An optional list of subscription attributes to set. Mutable.

Type: Optional<List<SubscriptionAttributesType>>


A subscription.

Type: Subscription