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Create a reference to an externally managed DBSubnetGroup.

Example usage:

dbsubnets: RDS.DBSubnetGroup.external("test-sn-group", AWS.Us-east-1)

Type Signature

 fun (String, Region) -> DBSubnetGroup
Argument: name

The name of the target DBSubnetGroup.

Type: String

Argument: region

The Region containing the target DBSubnetGroup.

Type: Region


A reference to the specified DBSubnetGroup.

Type: DBSubnetGroup



Create a new DBSubnetGroup.


import Fugue.AWS.Pattern.Network as Network
import Fugue.AWS.RDS as RDS
import Fugue.Core.AWS.Common as AWS

net: Network.new({
  name: "EXAMPLE",
  cidr: "",
  region: AWS.Us-east-1,
  publicSubnets: [
    (AWS.B, ""),
    (AWS.C, "")
  privateSubnets: [
    (AWS.B, ""),
    (AWS.C, "")

dbSubnetGroup: RDS.DBSubnetGroup.new {
  name: "private",
  description: "private subnets",
  subnets: net.privateSubnets,
  tags: [AWS.Tag {key: "network", value: "private"}]

Type Signature

 fun (Spec) -> DBSubnetGroup
Argument: spec

The specification for the DBSubnetGroup.

Type: Spec


The DBSubnetGroup.

Type: DBSubnetGroup



type Spec:
  name: String
  description: String
  subnets: List<Subnet>
  tags: Optional<List<Tag>>

Record {

Field: name

The name of the DBSubnetGroup. Must be a lowercase string of a maximum of 255 alphanumeric characters. The following characters may not be used: ., _, [space], and -. Cannot be "default".

Type: String

Field: description

The description of the DBSubnetGroup. Mutable.

Type: String

Field: subnets

The list of subnets to include. Must contain subnets in two availability zones of the region. Mutable.

Type: List<Subnet>

Field: tags

An optional list of tags to apply to the DBSubnetGroup. Mutable.

Type: Optional<List<Tag>>




  tags: None

Defaults for RDS DBSubnetGroups.

  • tags: None, meaning no tags are applied.