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new Rule (Constructor)

Example usage

rule: ELBv2.Rule.new {
  priority: 10,
  conditions: [
    ELBv2.Condition.path {
      pathPattern: "/example/*",
  action: ELBv2.forward {
    targetGroup: exampleTargetGroup

Type Signature

 fun { priority: Int,
       conditions: List<Condition>,
       action: Action} -> Rule
Argument: priority

The priority of the rule. Rules are evaluated by priority from lowest to highest and a listener may not have two rules with the same priority. Must be between 1 and 99999.

Type: Int

Argument: conditions

Conditions for applying the rule. At least one condition must be specified, but only one of each type of condition may be included. See Fugue.AWS.ELBv2.Condition for details on declaring conditions.

Type: List<Condition>

Argument: action

The action to take if the rule’s conditions are met. See Fugue.AWS.ELBv2.Action for details on declaring actions.

Type: Action


A new Fugue.Core.AWS.ELBv2.Rule value.

Type: Rule