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new AccessLog (Constructor)

Example usage:

logBucket: S3.Bucket.new {
  name: "my-logs",
  region: AWS.Us-east-1,

accessLog: ELBv2.AccessLog.new {
  bucket: logBucket,
  prefix: "my-app/dev",

Type Signature

 fun { bucket: Bucket,
       prefix: Optional<String> } -> AccessLog
Argument: bucket

The S3 bucket to write logs to. Must be in the same region as the load balancer.

Type: Bucket

Argument: prefix

Optional prefix location for storing logs in the bucket. Logs are stored in the root of the bucket if no prefix is specified. May not start or end with ‘/’.

Type: Optional<String>


A Fugue.Core.AWS.ELBv2.AccessLog value.

Type: AccessLog