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Define network configuration for the ECS Service.

Example Usage:

import Fugue.AWS as AWS
import Fugue.AWS.EC2 as EC2
import Fugue.AWS.ECS as ECS
import Fugue.AWS.Pattern.Network as Network

net: Network.new {
  name: "EXAMPLE",
  cidr: "",
  region: AWS.Us-east-1,
  publicSubnets: [
    (AWS.B, ""),
    (AWS.C, "")
  privateSubnets: [
    (AWS.B, ""),
    (AWS.C, "")

mySecurityGroup: EC2.SecurityGroup.new {
  description: "description",
  vpc: net.vpc,

myNetworkConfiguation: ECS.NetworkConfiguration.vpc {
  subnets: net.publicSubnets,
  securityGroups: [mySecurityGroup],
  assignPublicIp: True,

Type Signature

 fun { subnets: List<Subnet>,
       securityGroups: List<SecurityGroup>,
       assignPublicIp: Bool} -> NetworkConfiguration
Argument: subnets

The subnets associated with the task or service.

Type: List<Subnet>

Argument: securityGroups

The security groups associated with the task or service.

Type: List<SecurityGroup>

Argument: assignPublicIp

pecifies whether or not the task’s elastic network interface receives a public IP address.

Type: Bool


a Fugue.Core.AWS.ECS.NetworkConfiguration value.

Type: NetworkConfiguration