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new VPC Endpoint (Constructor)

Call this constructor to create a new Fugue.Core.AWS.EC2.VpcEndpoint

Example usage:

endpoint: EC2.VpcEndpoint.new {
  service: EC2.VpcEndpointS3,
  vpc: exampleVpc,
  routeTables: [ exampleRouteTable ],
  policyDocument: examplePolicyDocument,

Type Signature

 fun { service: VpcEndpointService,
       vpc: Vpc,
       routeTables: List<RouteTable>,
       policyDocument: Optional<String>,
       resourceId: Optional<String> } -> VpcEndpoint
Argument: service

The AWS service. VpcEndpointS3 is generally available but DynamoDB must be requested and is not avaible in all regions.

Type: VpcEndpointService

Argument: vpc

The VPC in which the endpoint will be used.

Type: Vpc

Argument: routeTables

One or more route tables. mutable

Type: List<RouteTable>

Argument: policyDocument

A Policy to attach to the endpoint that controls access to the service. The policy must be in valid JSON format. If this parameter is not specified, AWS attaches a default policy that allows full access to the service. mutable

Type: Optional<String>

Argument: resourceId

Resource ID of the resource to import with Fugue Import. This field is only honored on fugue run. The resource ID is the AWS ID. Mutable. Example: vpce-1234abcd

Type: Optional<String>


A Fugue.Core.AWS.EC2.VpcEndpoint value.

Type: VpcEndpoint