This is the preferred interface for making VPC routes with Fugue. The new function is the right place to start.

Module Members



new Route (Constructor)

Call this constructor to create a new Fugue.AWS.EC2.Route value.

Example usage:

publicRoute: EC2.Route.new {
  destinationCidrBlock: "",
  target: EC2.GatewayTarget(igw)

Type Signature

 fun (RouteSpec) -> Route
Argument: spec

A RouteSpec record.

Type: RouteSpec


A Fugue.Core.AWS.EC2.Route record.

Type: Route



type RouteSpec:
  destinationCidrBlock: String
  target: RouteTarget

Route Specification (Resource)

This type of value is used to specify a Route for the Route constructor, EC2.Route. new().

Record {

Field: destinationCidrBlock

The CIDR block of routing requests that should follow this route.

Type: String

Field: target

The target for this route.

Type: RouteTarget