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new EventSelector (Constructor)

Call this constructor to create a new Fugue.Core.AWS.CloudTrail.EventSelector value.

Example usage:

selector: CloudTrail.EventSelector.new {
  readWriteType: CloudTrail.ReadOnly,
  includeManagementEvents: False,
  dataResources: [
    CloudTrail.DataResource.s3DataResource(bucket0, "images/")

Type Signature

 fun { readWriteType: Optional<ReadWriteType>,
       includeManagementEvents: Optional<Bool>,
       dataResources: Optional<List<DataResource>> } -> EventSelector
Argument: readWriteType

Specify if you want your trail to log read-only events, write-only events, or all events. Defaults to All. Mutable.

Type: Optional<ReadWriteType>

Argument: includeManagementEvents

Specify if you want your event selector to include management events for your trail. Defaults to True. Mutable.

Type: Optional<Bool>

Argument: dataResources

CloudTrail supports logging data events for S3 objects or Lambda Functions. You can specify up to 250 S3 buckets or Lambda functions for a single trail across all EventSelectors.

Type: Optional<List<DataResource>>

Type: EventSelector