This is the preferred interface for making CloudFront CustomOriginConfigs with Fugue. If you want to manage a CloudFront CustomOriginConfig with Fugue, the new function is the right place to start.

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new CloudFront CustomOriginConfig (Constructor)

Call this constructor to create a new Fugue.Core.AWS.CloudFront.CustomOriginConfig value.

Type Signature

 fun { httpPort: Int,
       httpsPort: Int,
       originProtocolPolicy: OriginProtocolPolicy,
       originSslProtocols: Optional<List<SslProtocol>> } -> CustomOriginConfig
Argument: httpPort

The HTTP port the custom origin listens on.

Type: Int

Argument: httpsPort

The HTTPS port the custom origin listens on.

Type: Int

Argument: originProtocolPolicy

A CloudFront.OriginProtocolPolicy value that specifies the origin protocol policy to apply to your origin.

Type: OriginProtocolPolicy

Argument: originSslProtocols

A CloudFront.SslProtocol value that specifies the SSL/TLS protocols that you want CloudFront to use when communicating with your origin over HTTPS.

Type: Optional<List<SslProtocol>>


A Fugue.Core.AWS.CloudFront.CustomOriginConfig value.

Type: CustomOriginConfig